By responsibly building up a physical location geared towards publicly displaying and promoting creativity, CDF posits that a Creative District in Bangkok can act as a catalyst that inspires Thais to push the envelope on their own innate creativity.


A Creative District in Bangkok that functions as a diverse, inclusive, interdependent, and resilient ecosystem where existing creativity constantly begets new creativity.


We identify and work with partners to pursue to completion keystone projects that are inherently creative in themselves and inspires others. That fill needs or solve problems and add value permanently to the Creative District and set off its own positive feedback loop.


Our projects are placed into six tracks that reflect major aspects of the district and the lives of the community in Bangrak and Klongsan. The tracks are:

  • Art and performance – supports cultural innovation
  • Community – supports engagement, preservation, and promotion of existing communities
  • Design and digital – supports design and digital innovation
  • Food – supports food sustainability and cuisine innovation
  • Property preservation and development – supports responsible decisions made for existing properties
  • Urban planning and environmental improvement – supports small to large scale interventions that makes the district more resilient